MP35N Round Bar

MP35N Round Bar

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MP35N is a nickel cobalt alloy with high strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance, suitable for a range of applications. Order MP35N round bar stock here.
Good ductility
Good corrosion resistance
High strength
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What is MP35N?

MP35N is a nonmagnetic, nickel cobalt alloy possessing a combination of high tensile strength, great corrosion resistance, and toughness. It carries a very good tensile strength and maintains acceptable ductility. MP35N’s ability to abide force-corrosion and fissure corrosion makes it a solid choice for jobs and applications like fasteners, springs, bolts, oil equipment, medical devices, valve stems, and more.

Properties of MP35N

With a unique combination of strength, ductility and excellent resistance to cracking, MP35N, in bar stock form, is a versatile alloy that makes it suitable for a range of applications.

MP35N Alloy Physical Properties

Condition Tensile Yield Enlongation Reduction of Area Hardness
NACE 190KSI 180KSI 10% 40% 51 HRC Max
AMS 5845 260KSI 230KSI 8% 35% 44 HRC Min

MP35N Alloy Physical Properties

Nickel 33 – 37%
Cobalt Balance
Chromium 19 – 21%
Molybdenum 9 – 10.5%
Iron up to 1.0%
Titanium up to 1.0%
Manganese up to 0.15%
Silicon up to 0.15%
Carbon up to 0.02%
Phosphorus up to 0.015%
Boron up to 0.010%
Sulfur up to .010%

Mechanical Properties of MP35N

Due to its high modulus values, hardness, and toughness, MP35N machinability may be more challenging than that of other metal alloys. However, with an acceptable level of ductility and high tensile strength, this alloy is ideally suite.


MP35N is suited for applications that require extreme resistance and durability, making it worthwhile for environments like off-shore oil rigs. MP35N has a limit of 750°F capacity, as well as great resistance to chloride solutions, saltwater, acidic material including mineral acids, hydrogen components, stress, corrosion, and more.


MP35N is available in three different conditions which are NACE, AMS 5844, and AMS 5845. For AMS 5844 equipment, MP35N will be hardened at ~1100°F. This material is vulnerable to climates with extreme heat temperatures above its recommended heat treatment.
For equipment that requires NACE MR0175, MP35N with excellent sulfide stress cracking resistance, or jobs that do not require cryogenic environments, the material will be heat treated at ~1350°F.

Heat Treatment

MP35N has a relatively high melting point of up to 1440 °C. In a short period of time (a manner of minutes) at 1010-1177°C, alloy MP35N will fully anneal. Depending on what condition you need, we will heat treat MP35N bar stock to your specifications.
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Benefits of Using MP35N Alloy

MP35N is a great choice for parts that need to withstand corrosive chemicals, including hydrogen sulfide and saltwater. With a variety of conditions available and consistent high strength, the MP35N multiphase alloy is a high-performance material with applications across industries.

Variety of Forms

Depending on your specific application and industry, you may require different conditions of MP35N. With complimentary heat treatment and age-hardening services, Premium Alloys can provide MP35N round bar stock in three conditions: NACE, AMS 5844, and AMS 5845.
If you aren’t certain which condition is best for your application, we’d be happy to talk through your project with you.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

One of the key benefits of MP35N is its excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments. It exhibits high resistance to general corrosion, pitting, and crevice corrosion even when exposed to seawater, acid solutions, or high-temperature steam. MP35N alloy is great for many industries due to its outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Ultra-High Strength

A major advantage of MP35N is its capability to achieve ultra-high tensile strength levels, while still retaining good ductility and toughness.

Common Applications of MP35N

With its resistance to corrosion, saltwater, and other chloride solutions, as well as its strength, MP35N is suitable for a range of applications in demanding environments that require durability, resistance, and high performance.

Oil and Gas

MP35N is widely used in oil and gas drilling and extraction applications that require good strength and outstanding corrosion resistance under high pressures and temperatures.
The high yield strength of MP35N allows drilling equipment to withstand very high stresses. With proper heat treatment, the MP35N alloy can provide an optimal combination of properties to meet oil and gas equipment reliability needs.

Marine Applications

MP35N is an excellent material for marine applications requiring good corrosion resistance in salt water environments. It is used to make pump shafting, propellers, valve components, fasteners and other parts for marine engines and sea water systems.
The high strength of MP35N allows the construction of reliable components that resist failure under heavy loads and stresses that come with the ocean and other hostile environments.


In aerospace applications, MP35N is valued for having high strength with low density when compared to other high-strength alloys. It maintains good mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures, making it useful for liquefied gas containment and aerospace cryogenic tooling.
MP35N’s excellent fatigue strength makes it suitable for landing gear and other dynamically-stressed airframe components.

Medical Devices

This high-performance alloy can be used to form essential components in life-saving medical devices, from catheters and pacemakers to orthopedic wires, stents, and more. Manufacturers also use MP35N for the production of dental equipment and surgical implants, including electrodes and joints.
While MP35N alloy machinability may be limited due to its hardness and strength, the corrosion resistant properties make it a great choice for medical applications that require consistent performance.
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Premium Alloys

Trust the Team at Premium Alloys as Your MP35N Supplier

For heavy-duty, high-performance applications in the medical manufacturing, oil and gas, and aerospace industries, you need a metal with a high combination of strength and resistance to corrosion. MP35N provides exceptional durability and toughness, and it is suitable for the manufacturing of essential parts for medical devices, oil rigs, and more.
No matter what you need for your application, our team is here to help. We provide world-class customer support for every order, as well as value-added services like cutting, heat treating, grinding, and more. We supply MP35N in round bar stock, available in three conditions, to meet the needs of your project. Contact us for a quote today.
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