K500 is a nickel alloy that can be precipitation hardened to meet various mechanical properties. This grade has excellent corrosion resistance combined with a higher yield and tensile strength than Alloy 400. K500 is typically used in the aged hardened condition and found in oil and gas applications as well as marine environments that have a high salt content. The corrosion resistance of the alloy allows it to combat salt water for long periods of time.


K500 has great corrosion resistance as well as high strength and hardness. This serves applications like oil well materials and electronic units.


Annealing K500 is achieved with climates as small as ~1500°F, but treatment at temperatues as high as 1900°F for frigid-drawn devices is suggested for optimal return on age hardening.

Physical Properties:

Tensile Yield Enlongation Reduction of Area Hardness
Aged Hardened 140KSI 100KSI 20% 40% 27-35 HRC


  • Oil and Gas
  • Pump Shafts
  • Valves
  • Chemicals
  • Gears
  • Propeller Shafts


  • Excellent corrosion resistance with a long-life span
  • High mechanical properties
  • Ability to be precipitation hardened for various applications;
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