Premium Alloys is a specialty metals distributor based in Houston, Texas.

As a stocking service center, we deliver solutions to our customers and uphold our commitment to excellent quality, first class service, and innovation.

The Premium Alloys Difference

Regardless of your industry, we are here to help with specialty alloy solutions.
We carry a wide range of stainless steel, nickel, and cobalt alloy for a wide variety of applications. As your trusted specialty metals distributor, we aim to provide you with the best products available, as well as superior service you can rely on.
Here’s what sets us apart as your go-to metals distributor:

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Premium Alloys provides world-class customer support and service for all orders, especially time-sensitive and urgent cases.
At Premium Alloys, we strive to provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

A One-Stop Shop For Your Needs

We offer a full range of capabilities that provide us with a competitive advantage in the wide range of products we carry.
As a stocking center, we can quickly deliver the solutions you need and offer value added services – including cutting, heat treating, grinding, trepanning, boring, and turning.
With quick turnaround times and your satisfaction guaranteed, we are your one-stop metal supply distributor!

Building a Partnership that Lasts

Our friendly, well-informed staff will make sure that we understand exactly the application for your alloys. Throughout your order process, you can always expect our team to demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction at every step.

Flexible Support and Reliable Service

Our ability to stay flexible allows us to support stock-release and JIT programs while staying current on day to day transactions.
With the right products in place at the right time,our goal is to support your raw material needs in timely fashion.

Our Products

Our products consist of stainless steel, nickel, and cobalt bar stock in diameters for the oil and gas, aerospace, and power generation markets, for example, to support our growing client base.
Have questions about what we carry? Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more.

Our Conflict Mineral Statement

Premium Alloys does not purchase any conflict minerals for its products, and you can trust that the metals we distribute are responsibly sourced and of the highest quality for all of your needs.
For more information, please review our policy.

Industries We Serve

Premium Alloys services many industries, including aerospace and defense, oil & gas, power generation, pumps & valves, and many more.

Trust Premium Alloys: Your Specialty Metals Distribution Partner

By having the quality metals your job calls out for, your team can get the job done right. From the oil and gas industry to aerospace and defense, and beyond, our team can make sure that you’re properly equipped with the alloys you need.
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